Do you know the difference between creation and curation? This is a big question to ask when developing your short and long term content strategies. It’s also a very delicate topic in regards to SEO if applying your content strategy through your website which is what we recommend. 

Content created for distribution through your website to your social media is extremely important for a positive SEO ranking with Google.

Content—————> website blog————–>Facebook—————>Instagram

More Content——————->YouTube——————->Embedded on website

Everything you create that is unique and rich in related keywords to your organization should have this work flow. This way your content refreshes your website with new information and as Google indexes your site it sees the changes and reads the keywords that will then influence more traffic to find your site. On the flip side the content will be posting to social media driving those readers to want to learn more about that specific topic. One thing that we find most common for small businesses is to not keep all the good stuff on their website, they spill the beans all over their social media pages. 

Example: New menu launching for your restaurant on Feb 1.

Old way (Wrong way) On Jan 30th announce and share the new menu on social media attempting to bring them in to try the new items on Feb 1.

New way (Right way) Jan 1st post one of the new menu items on your website with three pictures and a full description of ingredients and preparation. Then write a short intro to the item, share only one picture on social media and tell your readers to be sure to check out more pictures and more details to the new menu on your website. Each week share one item in this same way. Once Feb 1st comes around the traffic will be looking at your website more than your social media which is the best possible outcome. You can control the content and discussion on your website, not nearly as easily on your social media page. You can also reward the visitors by having them enter their email address for special coupons and VIP invites to new tastings and special events etc. This is where your website turns into a powerful marketing engine.

Curation? That’s for another day. Stay tuned