When you drive by a billboard and think to yourself, “I wonder why people still pay to have those”, then you’re a lot like us. But, and it it’s a big BUT, they have their place with some business types. Although it’s slim pickings. “Diesel Station ahead with Arizona’s top rated trucker showers and restrooms”, sure. That might be worth $800/mo (avg cost). Yes you read that right, upwards of $9,000/yr for one billboard that only reaches traffic that is actually on there way somewhere else. Interesting concept versus cost. For $800 a month you could throw a huge free dinner to the public for your restaurant. Every entree they buy through the month enters them to win a ticket to the party.

What other type of traditional marketing is out there? Tons and tons to be honest. It’s a cluster of options and bundles and contracts and promises of great returns. At the end of the day only your target audience should define the way you mix your marketing budget. 20/80 traditional to Digital or 90/10 digital to traditional. Who’s your audience? How do they consume information? Do you see your target audience on their phones more than reading the newspaper? Do they post to Facebook and scroll through Instagram more than they watch the local news on TV? Once you’ve defined the audience, and defined how they consume information, now define the medium and platform they prefer to consume it. Is it video? Is it static images. Are they active in social media contests for enter to win campaigns?

Create the right recipe for your audience and you’ll find the answer to the balance of your marketing strategy.